About us

The company was started by a group of French private investors with solid footprint in the seed industry. They have also successfully launched start-ups in other fields. From the outset the project was designed as an R&D platform capable of generating advanced sunflower hybrids using both in-house material, as well as genetics sourced from breeders throughout the globe.

The breeding work is done in three main geographies: India, Hungary and Russia. All efforts are focused on one crop – sunflower. Our products are targeted on such regions as Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Balkan countries. These geographies command at least one major trait – Broomrape resistance. This trait has become a must in our breeding programs. As a result, all SEEDWAY hybrids coming to the market have top broomrape tolerance including latest races. Such resistance was confirmed through two-year trials in areas with most aggressive races: Turkey (Trace) and Russia (Saratov, Rostov and Orenburg).

Herbicide tolerance is another priority. Two IMI-tolerant hybrids are coming into commercial use.  Several experimental SU hybrids were tested during the 2020 season in Russia. The main purpose of the trials was to test hybrids tolerance to double dose of the herbicide. Such tolerance was confirmed beyond doubt.  It’s worth mentioning that all tested material have Broomrape tolerance too.

In 2021 we continue the trials on a greater scale with selected partners in key sunflower regions.  Commercial introduction is planned for 2022.

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