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Seminar in Orenburg, Russian Federation

On September 9, an important field day for sunflower growers took place at the AgroInvestGroup Orenburg base. SEEDWAY presented new hybrids that will be available in the Russian Federation  after 2021 season.

Hybrids SUSTP4501 and SUSTP4505 were treated with the Kaptora herbicide 1.2 L / ha and Sanflor (a.i. tribenuron methyl) – 40 g / ha. Excellent resistance to herbicides is combined with resistance to the parasitic plant critical for sunflower – broomrape. This advantage provides a great economic opportunity when choosing a herbicide depending on the situation in the fields.

SEEDWAY also presented the first wave of experimental early and mid-early hybrids for DuPont ExpressSun ™ technology. The participants of the seminar noted total resistance to broomrape, excellent head pollination, drought and heat resistance and good tolerance to fungal deseases.

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