SW4501 (Express + OR8)
Days to maturity:
105-110 Days
160-170 Cm
Oil content:
Up to 48-52 %

Mid-early maturity. Heterozygous, with the right combination of parental lines, withstands a treatment dose of up to 40 g / ha. Yield potential at the level of the main hybrids in this maturity group.

Agronomic traits:
- Very high yield potential
- 100% center filling in any weather conditions
- Semi-inclined head position
- Black kernels
- Perfectly adapted to high temperature and drought conditions
- Contains a unique source of broomrape resistance
- Complete resistance to all existing races
- Good resistance to fungal diseases

Sufficient rainfall – 50-55 thousand plants/ha
Dry areas – 45-50 thousand plants/ha