Days to maturity:
105-110 Days
160-170 Cm
Oil content:
Up to 48-52 %

High yielding mid-early hybrid for intensive technology with maximum Orobanche resistance.

Agronomic traits:
- Very high yield potential
- 100% head filling
- Convex head
- Excellent drought tolerance
- Stable potential in different climatic zones
- Absolute broomrape resistance

Recommended for all sunflower regions, especially those with high level of Orobanche exposure.

Sufficient rainfall – 50-55 thousand plants/ha
Dry areas – 45-50 thousand plants/ha

  • SW602 shows consistent yields in various climatic zones.
  • Orobanche trials in most affected areas have confirmed highest resistance level.
  • Very good tolerance to IMI herbicides.
  • SW602 has a good appeal, uniform, large head size and bold seeds.
  • 100% head filling even after strong drought.
  • As the ripening goes on head shape is becoming convex. It is sign of high yield potential.
  • Fulfills its highest potential in moderate climate.
  • Consistently overperforms standards when intensive technology is applied.
  • Unconditional broomrape resistance, 100% head filling – these are ingredient for success.