Follow the Seed Way

R&D (scientific) platform that allows you to create the most advanced sunflower hybrids, both based on your own selection and using genetic material from around the world.

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Фотография поля с подсолнухами Фотография подсолнуха Фотография поля с техникой

    Comprises global sunflower market germplasm, adapted to local needs.

    Genetics propel us. Traits are our focus.

    Incorporating novel technologies and enhancement initiatives.

Our story

Our company was founded by a group of private investors from France. These are people with solid experience both in the seed business and in the development of start-ups in other areas.

Our goal

We engage in researching and developing of products featuring proprietary intellectual property in the realm of plant genetics, focusing on sunflower crop. Our goal is to consistently remain at the forefront by integrating advanced technologies and expertise, fostering innovation, collaboration, and the establishment of novel ventures that influence both our core operations and the entire value chain.

Our idea

Our aim is to become a foremost venture in the field of plant genetics for a variety of crops, operating across all significant global markets, and making a lasting and sustainable impact on productivity.


We are driving the change in agriculture

Фото поля с подсолнухами


Our culture is characterized by audacity, agility, and flexibility in our business management approach.
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Up to date genetics are the driving force. Serving the needs of modern farming is our ultimate goal.
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We embrace cutting-edge TECHNOLOGIES to achieve genetic improvement.
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