• The primary goal of SEEDWAY Code of Ethics is to uphold the company's core values and establish a framework of rules and ethical standards to prevent undesirable behaviors. This code is applicable to all individuals associated with the Company and those representing SEEDWAY. Its purpose is to serve as a practical guide for navigating our intricate and perpetually evolving global landscape.

    Adherence to this code is obligatory.

    The company anticipates that all members will consistently demonstrate ethical behavior and adhere to the principles outlined in this code.

    SEEDWAY is committed to taking appropriate disciplinary actions, which may include issuing a warning or terminating a contract, in situations where there is a breach of the code's provisions.


    Our consortium leverages state-of-the-art technology to advance the exploration, cultivation, and trade of high-yield sunflower varieties. Through diverse enterprises, we consistently enhance the group's expansion.


    We aspire to enhance worldwide agricultural output through our pioneering genetics and technology. Our commitment to transparent business practices benefits all stakeholders and is underpinned by a robust management framework.


    • Genetic Advancement
    • Inquisitiveness
    • Innovation
    • Audacity and Adaptability
    • Collaborative mindset
  • At the core of our principles is the commitment to make decisions solely guided by professional judgment and unbiased behavior. We steadfastly prevent personal interests from overshadowing the company's priorities. In situations where conflicts of interest arise, ethical actions are paramount.

    Every member of the Company is obligated to promptly disclose any potential conflicts of interest. They should reach out to their direct supervisor before engaging in any external activities that might potentially conflict with their responsibilities.

  • SEEDWAY places a strong emphasis on enhancing performance, efficiency, and cultivating a balanced atmosphere of equal opportunity. This ensures healthy competition and stable work conditions, ultimately fostering the professional growth of our members. These principles underlie our approach:


    Every action carried out by our Company's members must adhere to the values of honesty, transparency, impartiality, and integrity at all times. Such actions must consistently align with the legal framework and regulations.


    We insist on equal treatment for all Company members and take proactive measures to prevent situations that could negatively affect others. Discrimination, whether verbal or physical, is strictly prohibited among our members or directed at anyone associated with the Company.


    SEEDWAY places great importance on diversity, recognizing the value of differing perspectives and talents. As such, any form of discrimination within our work environments is strictly forbidden.


    The Company's core objective is to ensure equal opportunities for all members. All professionals are evaluated using the same criteria, irrespective of factors such as race, religion, color, origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.


    SEDDWAY is dedicated to enhancing the skills of its members by offering training sessions, resources, and competitive compensation. We actively support and encourage the professional development of all members.

  • At SEEDWAY, we view sustainability as a cornerstone of our Company. This commitment is reflected in three key areas of focus:

    Environmental Responsibility: We diligently uphold environmentally friendly practices by responsibly managing natural resources and effectively processing waste.

    Safety and Well-being: We prioritize creating a safe and healthy work environment for all members of our Company, ensuring their well-being and security.

    Community Engagement: We actively collaborate with social organizations within our communities, thereby expanding our contribution to local sustainable development.


    Our approach to suppliers and third parties is grounded in integrity, ethical conduct, and mutual trust. SEEDWYA has a zero-tolerance policy for any illegal or unethical behavior from suppliers, third parties, or business partners. Our selection and engagement of suppliers are guided by formal, transparent, and clear recruitment procedures.


    We expect our members to embody SEEDWAY’s values in their interactions with clients, constantly striving for the highest levels of quality and excellence, underpinned by humility and respect. Our aim is to cultivate enduring relationships based on trust, dedication, and transparency.


    SEEDWAY is dedicated to fostering fair competition and championing open competition in the best interest of our clients, always within the bounds of applicable legal frameworks. This encompasses upholding contracts and adopting practices that enhance market competition, encourage innovation, and introduce novel concepts that enhance business value. It's crucial to recognize that our reputation is intertwined with both the overall professional reputation and that of our competitors. Thus, we adamantly avoid any competitive strategies that could tarnish the standing of our profession and, consequently, our Company. Under no circumstances should Company members engage in agreements or informal discussions with competitors on the following subjects:

    • Prices and profit margins
    • Production capacity or volume
    • Marketing and sales strategies
    • Future projects
    • Supplier or client contracts
    • Distribution methods


    Any form of direct or indirect offer, cash payment, or bestowing of favors to a public or private entity with the intention of gaining an illegal, unethical, or competitive advantage is strictly prohibited. This includes payments made to expedite processes, whether directly or indirectly.


    While offering gifts or business entertainment is a way to foster positive commercial relationships, our associates should exercise sound judgment in these situations, avoiding any actions that could tarnish the reputation of an individual or the Company. It's mandatory for all Company members to report received gifts.

  • Intellectual Assets and Data Security


    Preserving the Company's intellectual assets is imperative, and all members are obliged to adhere to this mandate. This encompasses trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and any information susceptible to ownership rights by the Company.


    We are dedicated to safeguarding all confidential and personal information entrusted to us, handling and storing it responsibly and attentively. The disclosure of such confidential and personal information is prohibited unless specifically authorized or mandated by relevant professional or legal obligations. Access to employee information is restricted.

    The utilization of our clients' confidential information for the advantage of any individual or third party is strictly prohibited.


    Company members are expected to use workplace communication systems, such as email, telephone, and internet, responsibly and effectively. An appropriate representation of the Company's image is paramount, which involves courteous language, accurate call handling, and other similar considerations.

    Using social media platforms on behalf of SEEDWAY to share illegal, inappropriate, offensive, or discriminatory content is prohibited, as these actions can significantly impact the Company's reputation.

    All SEEDWAY members must unequivocally clarify that their involvement, opinions, and statements on social media or internet forums are of a personal nature and hold no affiliation with the Company. Therefore, they must abstain from using the Company's image, name, or logo.

  • SEEDWAY actively encourages individuals to come forward and report any actions or behaviors that appear to be in violation of the principles and values outlined in this code. In line with this commitment, SEEDWAY is dedicated to thoroughly investigating received reports, while also retaining the right to dismiss reports that are deemed to be without merit or malicious in nature.

    We are committed to extending support to individuals who initiate a report, with a steadfast commitment to maintaining confidentiality.

    You are already familiar with the guidelines that contribute to maintaining a positive organizational culture. Should you experience any form of offensive behavior or bear witness to actions that run counter to the principles laid out in this code, we invite you to make use of our reporting channels.