Seminar in Orenburg, Russian Federation

On September 9, an important field day for sunflower growers took place at the AgroInvestGroup Orenburg base. SEEDWAY presented new hybrids that will be available in the Russian Federation  after 2021 season. Hybrids SUSTP4501 and SUSTP4505 were treated with the Kaptora herbicide 1.2 L / ha and Sanflor (a.i. tribenuron methyl) – 40 g /

Flowering period

The flowering period was uniform due to good early germination and stability of the hybrids. During the flowering period, we observed good head pollination.  Quick and uniform dry-down was noted too.

Bookmark for small plots

Despite the constraints related to current epidemiological situation in the world, SEEDWAY set up a site of small-plot trials in Krasnodar, Russian Federation. The main goal of this experiment is to test the entire line of hybrids for maximum resistance to SU and IMI. Treatment of resistant hybrids to SU is planned using the dosage


Breeding at SEEDWAY continues around the year. One of platforms is located in South Asia. Line selection and experimental crosses are underway. This winter season nursery is focused on SU material. First experimental hybrids will be tested during the 2020 season in Europe and Russia.


Seedway partners in Turkey have set up small-plot trials for SW601 and SW602 on two locations: Kirklareli and Malkara. The purpose was to evaluate yield and oil performance in Turkish conditions, estimate Orobanche and herbicide tolerance. The results were positive on both counts. These hybrids will be entered in Official trials in 2020.


August 16, 2019. A field day was hosted by «Solnechya Strana» near Novoanninsk, Volgograd region. Orobanche pressure is very strong. This was a moment of truth for many hybrids who claimed to be OR tolerant. Many have failed. SEEDWAY had GOLDA, SW405 and SW504 in the race. All of them were found absolutely broomrape-free. As